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May 27, 2020    
November 05, 2017

Wading through LSU

There are very few places where a team wins by fourteen points and people wonder what went wrong. Alabama beat LSU 24-10 and youíd think they lost. Though, nothing nearly as catastrophic as that occurred. LSU won the statistical battle but in football the team with the most points still wins.

This game, like Texas A&M, can only benefit Alabama down the road. While LSU is not an elite team their not a bad one either. They were ranked and probably will stay ranked albeit lower than they were. The main issue from the game was injuries. No one knows at this point how many players are done for the year. That as the coach would say is something they cannot control and it will simply be next man up.

† The things that came easy against lesser competition showed up against LSU. Those freshmen receivers who were feasting on weak defensive backs looked like freshmen last night. Hurts, for the most part, was on target against LSU, his receivers dropped too many passes they should have caught. It really was that simple. If the passing game had been clicking, as it should have been, the running game would have opened up. It was not and it did not.

† The sky isnít falling. Maybe Georgia is still number one, who cares. Georgia had its own issues with South Carolina, which they beat by the same score as Bama beat LSU. Alabama probably could have scored another touchdown against LSU, if they had pressed they did not and so thatís that.

† So what does it all mean? Well, itís November and the meat of Alabamaís schedule has kicked in. Auburn is suddenly the flavor of the week and everything runs through Lee County. Georgia comes to their place next week and the Crimson Tide will visit in three weeks. Keep in mind that A&M scored 27 points on Auburn. Also keep in mind that Alabamaís defense is a tad better than A&Mís. But thatís all rat poison.ģ Mississippi State is a road game in the SEC, it does not matter how pedestrian they looked against UMass. They wonít play Bama like they played UMass.

† If Alabama wins out they are in the playoff. Getting challenged by LSU was a good thing. Losing defensive players was not. Look itís not like theyíve been doing this with smoke and mirrors all season. This is a good team with everything in front of them.

† Roll Tide



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