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May 28, 2020    
August 30, 2017

The Time Is Now!

OK, OK. No more dilly-dallying, pussy-footing, or lollygagging. It is time for the Crimson Tide to show what they are made of against a high grade opponent on a brand new national stage. Will the Tide be intimidated? Will they be dazzled by the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium? Will their ranking make them complacent? No, no, and hell no!

Saban has raised his team to focus on _The_Game_ week by week. It's the only game that matters. They must play perfectly and with heart beyond their highest expectations of their abilities. How is this possible? Don't all coaches ask their players for 110%? Maybe, but most coaches do not have "The Process©". The University of Alabama would not be the college football juggernaut it is without Nick Saban's innovative but powerful method of breaking down a difficult situation into achievable steps. Don't worry about the touchdown. Worry about the catch. Don't worry about the score. Tackle the man with the ball. Saban's team has risen to this challenge by accepting that putting in the work, mentally preparing, and absolute maximum conditioning will give the highest rewards.

  Someone loses every game, but if you're playing Alabama, be prepared for a difficult test against the toughest challenger. Grab your shakers and tailgating fare... it's time!!   Go 'Bama!



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