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May 28, 2020    
April 02, 2017


I guess itís just the times in which we live and I probably just need to get over it. But, I find the rudeness shown to Deshaun Watson at a bar in Tuscaloosa simply unacceptable. Thatís right up there with University of Kentucky basketball fans calling in death threats to an umpire after they lost in the NCAA tournament. Come on, the Tide lost to Clemson GET OVER IT!

I would like to think that Alabama fans have more class than that but all one has to do is look at the comments on any newspaper story to crush that illusion. The long and short of it is that Tide fans SHOULD have more class than that.

† One wonders what Deshaun Watson was doing in Tuscaloosa in the first place and why he thought it would be a good idea to wander into a sports bar in town. Oh, I know maybe he thought he could get a beer, get something to eat with his friend. I mean he was a college student and heís probably used to going to bars in a college town and having a beer and a burger. But, nooooooo, in Tuscaloosa they chase you out.

† Like I said Iím sure this is just the times in which we live. Iím old and I have this idiotic sense that people should be civil to one another, whatís up with that! Itís OK yíall just put your nose back in your phone and ignore that person sitting at the table with you. Donít worry about it. Do that while youíre driving too―if you hit somebody itíll be their fault for not paying more attention.

† Iím done. Like I said Iím old. I didnít enjoy the end of the Bama-Clemson game, but folks donít blame Deshaun Watson for the Tideís inability to pick up first downs. In the end that was what cost Alabama the game.

† Roll Tide



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