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May 27, 2020    
December 24, 2016

A Successful Season?

Alabama has won thirteen games and a third consecutive SEC championship, yet if they lose to Washington on December 31, 2016, the whole season will go down as a failure. This is the result of the bar that Nick Saban has set for his charges. Itís a bar that the Alabama faithful have come to accept and embrace.

This cannot last forever, nothing does. The only thing to do is enjoy the ride. The success of the football program under Saban is something to behold. As a person who lived through the Bryant era, I am pretty much amazed by what is happing in Tuscaloosa. In the 1970s Bryant preached team work, toughness and installed the idea that Alabamaís goal was to win the national championship every year. He won six in his twenty-four years in Tuscaloosa. Saban has already won four in ten years.

† Alabama is the only team to have appeared in first three playoffs and they hold a 1-1 record. Thereís a certain amount of envy, hate and many people are just sick of Alabama. Honestly, I can understand it, a relative told me that they were tired of Alabama, but he bet I wasnít. Heís right and Iím sure that most, if not all Alabama fans would agree we love this!

† This is a golden age of Alabama football, one we will probably never see the like of again. Donít worry about it ending just enjoy the ride. Life is too short for fretting about stuff like that. Forget about all of the other noise out there this is fun. As Kirk Herbstriet said during the Alabama-Notre Dame game in 2012 we were just in the middle of this thing. Letís hope it goes on for ten more years!

† Back to the whole season being a failure if they lose to Washington, thatís true and itís not. A 13-1 season would be a failure by Alabama standards but it would still be three SEC championships in a row. It would start the whole end of the dynasty thing again. It would make the team hungry and fired up for next season.

† However, I have to say I donít think that is going to happen. Washington is better than Tide fans think. They have an elite quarterback and a good defense. If their quarterback gets hot it could give the Tide fits. Also if the defense finds a way to slow down the offense for a while and, if during that span, Washington can score that could lead to trouble.

† Alabama is a fifteen point favorite for a reason, just like they are 13-0 for a reason. They have been pushed this year and they have been challenged by opposing defenses. Florida did a good job of shutting them down for a while. That and what Ole Miss and Arkansas did to the Tide with their passing game is what Washington will try to emulate. They will also try and steal some points with trick plays.

† The game will be close at halftime; Washington may even grab the lead. However, in the second half the Bama defense with figure them out and the offense will get untracked. My guess: Alabama 35 Washington 21.

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