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May 27, 2020    
November 25, 2016

Iron Bowl

Itís here. The whole world, well the whole college football world, is aware that the Tide and Tigers will tee it off tomorrow at 3:30 pm eastern time. And everyone has penciled in a win for Alabama. This Auburn team is better than they have been given credit for and will pose a threat to the Crimson Tide.

This kind of stuff just bothers me. Everybody has moved on to the playoff and has written off the rest of the regular season as a done deal. Iím sure Saban has reminded the team how bad they looked last week and they looked baaaaaaad. It was not that they we ever in danger of losing the game itís just that they sleepwalked through the whole thing. Part of that was due to Chattanooga Ė their game plan seems to have been slow the game down and keep the ball away from Alabamaís offense which worked fairly well. It kept the score from getting out of hand early and gave Chattanooga hope.

† The players have been saying that they didnít show up, which is true, and that they want to finish the season on a high note by washing the taste of that bad showing out of their mouths. Thatís good because this Auburn team watches TV and reads stuff on the internet, which as I noted above has basically written them off. That always gets a team excited.

† Auburn is no pushover. They are the highest ranked team in the SEC not named Alabama. They have a good defensive front and an overall good defense. Auburn is third in the SEC is rushing defense giving up 117.7 yards a game and ninth in pass defense giving up 216.8 yards a game. They watched LSU play Alabama and hold them to ten points. They will try and do what the Bayou Bengals did pinch Jalen Hurts inside, pressure him and make him throw under pressure. For that to work they will have to stop Alabamaís run game. Which they will do, for a while.

† Thing is Ė Alabama knows that Auburn watched the LSU film. So perhaps the offense tries some different stuff. They have been working on the passing game, which they are going to need moving forward. Hurts has improved as a passer, but he will still need to run as will the Bamaís other backs. My thought on this game is that if Auburn canít run on the Tide they cannot win, sort of like LSU. The thing with Auburn is that they seem to be the luckiest team on planet earth. If they can fall into some weird fluky play and score by jingo they will.

† Sadly, I just feel that this game is going to be way closer than most people think. Hell, its Auburn, they have absolutely nothing to lose. Gus Malzahn will no doubt dial up some plays that heís been saving for a rainy day. All manner of shifts, motion, RPOs and other whatnots that could very well confuse the Tideís defense. Auburn will get some yards on the ground, the question remains how many?

† Will the Tide win? I think so. Will the game be close? I think so. My guess Alabama 21 Auburn 17.

† Roll Tide



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