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May 27, 2020    
October 18, 2016


OK, everybody that expected the Tennessee game to turn out like it did raise your hand. Liar, liar, pants on fire. You did not! You know in your heart of hearts that you figured it would be close for a half before the Tide won. Seriously, that was something else, now can those boys keep going?

Well, as I have mentioned to a number of friends I was sort of shocked, but also happy that Jalen Hurts got the nod as the starting QB. I also must admit that I figured heíd do something deer in the headlights freshman-like at some point in a game. That could still happen, but itís beginning to look less likely.

† That said John Chavis, Texas A&Mís defensive coordinator may well be able to throw some stuff at Hurts he has not seen and could rattle or at least confuse him during the game on Saturday. Chavis is a first rate D-coordinator and has up graded the A&M defense, which has made them a force to be reckoned with. So we shall see.

† Also unless you missed it the A&M players are feeling dissed that those who decide these things have made Bama a 17 point favorite. They will be playing with ďa chip on their shoulder.Ē Thatís good. I think a number of Tide players will also be playing with said chip as well. In case you missed it Trevor Knight, A&Mís quarterback, when he was at Oklahoma, lit the Tide up like a Christmas tree back in 2014 in the Sugar Bowl. If you did miss it watch ESPN a little this week. Theyíll refresh your memory.

† A&M has a couple of really good rushing defensive ends: Miles Garrett who during the year has accumulated six tackles for a loss, four sacks and six quarterback hurries. His close friend and associate Daeshon Hall has accounted for nine tackles for a loss and 3.5 sacks. These numbers place them at number 13 nationally. This combination could put Tide quarterback Jalen Hunts in a world of trouble if Alabama gets behind and has to rely on the passing game.

† The Tide can hold its own in the pass rushing department and in fact may be a tad better than A&M. However, if you think A&M canít affect the Alabama offense think again. This football season has turned out a little like the current political season; forget what you thought at the beginning of the year. That doesnít matter anymore. Everybody thought A&M was basically toast, bad like Auburn. As I say rethink that stuff.

† The thing is Alabama is good. The offense is good. They can run really well and they can throw well enough to keep teams honest. That will get better watch and see. The special teams are good too. Yeah, a couple of field goals have been missed, but at this point those havenít been needed. Theyíll come when theyíre needed. The punter is on track, in fact, heís now a weapon. Oh and the Tide has guys that can tote the rock to the house on punt returns. Plus these guys can score of defense.

† If Saban can make the kids understand that the season is not over yet. There are games that must be played, like the one Saturday, they should be OK. Thatís the trick. People are now starting to say stuff like itís over Bamaís the team to beat and such. Hurtís for Heisman and such. Forget that stuff. Let beat A&M. Thatís the next game up.

† For the record I think the Tide will do it. I think this game will be closer than people expect. A&M is going to come in trying to make a point. They have come into Tuscaloosa before and derailed things. Theyíd love to do it again. It will take some effort, but the Tide will prevail.

† My guess Alabama 35 Texas A&M 24.



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