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May 27, 2020    
September 15, 2016

Week Three Ė Ole Miss

Last week the Tide won and everybody acted like Rosie the Robot when her boyfriend left. If you donít remember the Jetsons, well you have no context for this. Suffice it to say, Rosie moped and made pathetic moaning sounds.

Hey it wasnít that bad the Tide won by four touchdowns and it wasnít that close! Many people myself included, were really disappointed when Western Kentucky scored that touchdown on the Bama backups, but hey―stuff happens. There were issues in the game that have to get ironed out if the Tide is going to meet its lofty aspirations. That said Ole Miss didnít exactly set the world on fire last week either. The Tide beat WKU 38-10 while Ole Miss upended the Wofford Terriers 38-13. So what do those two scores tell us? A couple of SEC teams sleepwalked through early games they should have and did win.

† The Rebels now expect to beat Alabama every year. I read that somewhere. They are good. They are planning to challenge for the SEC West crown and by extension the SEC Championship. Thatís good, one needs goals. The fact is Ole Miss has beaten Alabama two years in a row and they could do it a third time. Well, they could. They have everything going for them. They have the best quarterback in the SEC. I read that on the internet so it must be true. The game is in Oxford and stuff like that.

† Meanwhile, Alabama is starting a freshman quarterback. The running game went nowhere last week. Well they gained 124 yards on 39 carries which is just over three yards a pop. Alabama is seventh in the SEC in rushing and coincidentally Damien Harris is the seventh leading rusher in the SEC while Jalen Hurts is seventh in the league in passing. Thereís a theme here. All those sevens could be lucky. Alabama does have the SECís leading receiver in ArDarius Stewart. I mean all thatís pretty good right? Then again Ole Missís leading rusher, Akeem Judd is fifteenth in the conference having rushed for 108 yards. Interestingly, Alabamaís Hurts has a higher quarterback rating than Clad Kelly. Also Alabama is fourth in total offenses while Ole Miss is eight. Iím just saying.

† Thereís this fear amongst the Alabama faithful that Ole Miss will beat the Crimson Tide three years running. That would not look good. In fact, that would be bad. But, I just donít think itís going happen. Ole Miss is a good team. Tide fans are just jumpy, thereís the whole freshman quarterback thing, which could be an issue. Thereís also the running game hasnít picked up where it left off last year thing, which is true. The Alabama offense has been taking what the defense has given them and they are racking up some serious passing yards. Donít panic yet.

† Ole Miss may score first or may get ahead on an interception or a fumble. Though, it would be nice to cut down on the turnovers when playing Ole Miss. I just honestly think that when the Tide gets rolling, pun intended, they will knock out Ole Miss. Alabamaís defense is simply too good. My guess Alabama 28 Ole Miss 13.

† Roll Tide



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