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May 27, 2020    
September 02, 2016

First Game Angst

First games are often weird and can lead to unforeseen disasters and angst. If you watched Vandy play South Carolina or Tennessee play Appalachian State you understand what I mean. Or if for some sad reason you remember Mike DuBose’s 2000 Alabama team, which was ranked number three at the time, get embarrassed by UCLA. As they say STUFF happens.

This is the third opening game, in as many years, that Saban’s Alabama team does not have an established quarterback. So, at this point it should be old hat. The difference this year is this team also does not have an established running back. Which, of course, could make a big difference or not.

  USC is probably the best opening opponent that Alabama has faced under Saban and one that poses the potential to cause the Tide a great deal of misery. I doubt if anybody in Tuscaloosa is taking the Trojans lightly. If they are they’re fools and I don’t think there are too many of those on the coaching staff. The players could be excused to a point as they are young people, who have no doubt been looking at the internet all summer. That could be a bad thing, see Tennessee vs. Appalachian State.

  If the offense goes nowhere, the defense will have to carry the team. It’s equipped to do that. Still, with the Tide’s offensive line and stable of running backs that shouldn’t be necessary. Chances are USC just might think it would be a real good idea to stack the box and make the Bama quarterback throw the ball. Sadly, that could work.

  The long and short of all of this is: yes the Tide is a ten point favorite. And I think lots of the Bama faithful are expecting an Alabama blowout. I for one would be real happy with that, but it’s not going to happen. USC, even though they have gone through head coaches recently the way most teams go through water, is still a very proud and viable program. Alabama has more players and a much more experienced and coherent coaching staff, but USC has been working on this game all summer. Winning this game puts them in “the conversation.”

  It will be a hard fought game, one that leaves the typical Bama fan twisting their hands and sometimes, throwing things and yelling at the TV. But, in the end the Crimson Tide will prevail, because they are simply the better team.

  My guess: Alabama 35 USC 24.

  Roll Tide!



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