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March 25, 2019    
January 10, 2016

The Big Game

It has come down to this, Alabama vs Clemson for the second national championship to be decided by a playoff. Much has been written and all sorts of statistics are available. It all boils down to can Alabama stop a running quarterback and will the Tide be able to move the ball on Clemsonís defense.

I think Iíll take my que from Bama Magazineís editor Kirk McNair. Clemson has some very good players and a good coach. Alabama has more good players and a better coach. Nick Sabanís teams have been beaten by teams that were not as good as his. But, to date that has not happened in a championship game.

† There is too much at stake in this game for this Alabama team to get complacent. This team has been on a mission since September. They knew they had to win every game to reach their goals. This game is no different. Clemson stands between a very focused Alabama team and their goals.

† The thing is Saban loves this team. You get the impression that itís his favorite team. I think because these guys have bought in completely into what the man is selling. I mean the team, THE TEAM, voted to send a player home who they felt was a distraction. Thatís pretty serious stuff.

† I donít think that Alabama will shut Clemson out, but I do think theyíll win. My guess Alabama 35 Clemson 20.

† Roll Tide



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