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June 22, 2018    
January 07, 2016

New Year – New Game

The Tide bested Michigan State and is now preparing to play Clemson in the national championship. If the Tide shuts down Clemson will people compare the 2015 Alabama defense to the Tide defense of 1992?

As the prep for the game advances the storyline now appears to be Clemson’s Deshaun Watson vs Alabama’s defense with the sub-storyline that Clemson’s defense is better than people think; which all means that Alabama may have trouble moving the ball on Clemson.

  The media has built the game up to be Watson vs Alabama and the whole storyline is boiling down to – can Alabama stop a duel threat quarterback. The “evidence” that they cannot do such a thing is well documented beginning with Cam Newton, Johnny Manziel , Nick Marshall and the recent troubles with Ole Miss. Well, that evidence is in. Is Alabama the same team that lost to Ole Miss? They are certainly not the same team that lost to Newton and Manziel. The defense has been completely reconstructed.

  Another question that can be asked is can Clemson stop Alabama’s running game? Their defense against the run is in the lower half of the top twenty, but again evidence suggests they have gotten better as the season progressed. Have they played a team as physical as Alabama? Some suggest that they are every bit as physical as Alabama.

  Both teams have progressed over the course of the season. Alabama has a loss and Clemson is ranked number one and is undefeated, though they’ve had close calls against Louisville and Notre Dame. Alabama proved they could win with Jake Coker and they really didn’t even try to get Henry going. Chances are if Clemson stacks the box the Tide will employ a similar strategy. Many believe that the Clemson secondary can handle Alabama’s wide outs. If that’s the case, and that’s up for debate, will Saban and Kiffin deploy Henry as their primary weapon?

  Stay tuned.



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