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April 19, 2018    
November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

Itís Auburn week and itís Thanksgiving and all of that is good. The game is two days away and Tide and Tiger fans are anticipating the matchup. I mean itís not the ďMother of all Iron BowlsĒ but it is the Iron Bowl and that enough.

While weíre on the subject of the Iron Bowl I have to ask this question. Am I the only person who ever noticed that Gus Malzahn sounds like Elvis? Hereís Gus and hereís Elvis. OK maybe they donít sound exactly alike but I swear during those in game interviews Malzohn sounds remarkably like the King of Rock-and-Roll. I just had to throw that out.

† † This is a wonderful day in America, people celebrating a truly American holiday. A day filled with family, eating and football. Thatís about as American as you can get. I want to wish everybody a Happy Thanksgiving!

† Family and football are what I remember most about Thanksgiving as a child. Yeah, we would watch it on TV, but at some point each year we went outside. All of the kids and a few adults would divide into teams and play football. That was always great. Those were indeed the days.

† In Alabama the Iron Bowl is about family as well. Often families are divided over allegiance. My family is the same. Itís cousins not immediate family, but itís all the same. The state goes dark during that game. Go shopping and youíll hear the game on the radio or see clerks huddled around a TV. The Iron Bowl is one of those games in which the better team almost always wins. That said itís not always the case. This year, perhaps for very good reasons Auburn has been completely written off. That sends a chill down my Tide loviní spine. A loss this year would be another of those soul crushing defeats like Punt Bama Punt or Kick Six.

† Letís hope that if Saban could get his charges up for Charleston Southern, he can get them up for Auburn. The good news, well thereís lots of good news for Alabama fans, is that if anything the Tide has played better on the road than at home. Hereís hoping that streak will continue. More on that later.

† Happy Thanksgiving and Roll Tide



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