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June 22, 2018    
November 17, 2015

Charleston Southern

I guess after the last couple of weeks I have come to believe in the Tideís defense. This may actually be Sabanís best defense ever in Tuscaloosa. The young players in the defensive back field are rounding into shape, the front seven are, well special, and on top of that the offense does what it needs to do when it needs to do it.

Over the course of this season, and there are still two more weeks in the regular season, Alabama has progressed from a highly ranked team, with Derrick Henry as a Heisman contender. To a team beaten by Ole Miss and written off for dead. It is now a one loss team, with Derrick Henry as a Heisman trophy contender marching toward its playoff destiny. The Ole Miss loss, which Saban explained was the result of five turnovers, made many people very, very happy. It was then I discovered, that many people out there in the world of college football donít like the Crimson Tide. OK so I'm naive.

† Seriously, I know Tide fans can be a little arrogant. I guess the collective group does sorta believe that the universe is in its proper rotation when Alabama is winning football games and somehow when the Tide fails to do that the world is just out of sync. It could be blamed on Bear or Saban, but I think it goes back further than that, probably to the 1920s. I guess thatís the whole thing, Tide, fans and alumni simply expect to win and when they donít they mope and when they do, well, they can be a little too happy.

† Spencer Hall of SB Nation wrote this: ďAlabama does not need water or sleep or hope like weak human flesh, nor even require a functioning quarterback. Don't watch the Tide unless you like watching the football equivalent of famine, or are an Alabama fan, and these are the same things. They play Charleston Southern and Auburn to end the season, and then Florida in the SEC Championship. They are already basically in the Playoff. Give up hope forever. Give it up now.Ē I donít know but I donít think heís real happy that Alabama is winning. Iím not sure who heíd be happy to see win, but I know it ainít the Tide. Iím not sure what ďthe football equivalent of famineĒ is Ė but whatever it is thereís a bunch of us out there who like it.

† The Tide does play Charleston Southern this weekend. Theyíll most likely win that game. Interestingly, The Buccaneers are ranked ninth in the FCS. They have already won the Big South Conference title and they run a triple option that will probably give the Tide defense a little trouble. Why, you might ask? Well, because they never see it. The last time they faced a team like this, Georgia Southern, they gave up 302 yards to them and that was a defense giving up less than 78 yards rushing per game. That doesnít mean Charleston Southern will win though.

† My guess Alabama 42 Charleston Southern 7

† Roll Tide



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