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April 19, 2018    
November 13, 2015

Week Eleven

I guess I was wrong about the LSU game. I honestly figured Leonard Fournette would get at least a hundred yards on the Tide’s defense, simply because he was so good. Well, he didn’t and that’s on me. This week the Tide has to get with it and take down Mississippi State if they hope to keep moving forward.

I have it on good authority that the Tide will not go into the game with a “big head.” I hope my source is correct. Mississippi State has traditionally played Alabama tough. They’re one of those teams that just will not go away. This is a good Bulldog team, though not as good as the team they had last year, last year’s State team was more balanced. This one rides Dak Prescott for all he’s worth.

  Prescott is an excellent player and is in the process and breaking most Mississippi State offensive records and is closing in on a bunch of SEC records as well. Prescott has become the face of Mississippi State football. He led the team that was ranked number one for five weeks last year. He is the Peyton Manning of Mississippi State, the player that State fans hold in very high regard.

  If the Bulldogs are going to upset Alabama Prescott will have to lead the team to victory. There is not much of a supporting cast, except, for former Alabama Mr. Basketball De'Runnya Wilson. If Prescott could get the passing game going and run enough to keep the Alabama defense honest, there’s a chance they could pull the upset.

  This could be a trap game for Alabama. Prescott has beaten every team in the SEC, except Alabama, he’d like to accomplish that in his senior year. That would make the Bulldog’s season and wreck Alabama’s. State’s players are not intimidated by the Tide. They know what to expect and how to deal with it. The question is can they do it?

  I just don’t think so. Alabama will most likely start slowly, the LSU hangover will cause issues. However, this Tide team is on a mission. It’s determined to make up for the loss at Ole Miss and for the loss against Ohio State. Mississippi State is the next game in the quest.

  My guess Alabama 35 Mississippi State 20.

  Roll Tide



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